Moollatoo Photography

Inspired by the myriad forms of Australia

Beginning with adventures to Moollattoo in Kangaroo Valley, my interest in photography grew and evolved into the pursuit of finding the beauty in myriad scenes encompassing subjects both traditionally, and non-traditionally beautiful.
​​​​​​​Photography has therefore educated me in the most important way. It has served as a compass for me to find ways to appreciate the world around me. As such, my deeper emotional wellbeing is linked strongly with photography; and so every shoot I do is more than just professionally important to me. ​​​​​​​
Every photoshoot is the opportunity to prove once again that wellbeing can be found in an appreciation of the minutiae and hidden profundities of our quotidian surroundings.
Should I ever initially fail to find the beauty in something, I simply consider it a chance to expand my perspective. And so I strive always to pursue every angle, literally and metaphorically, until I find the detail that makes a thing or a person special.
Australian Rates
Half hour - 10 images: $150, Hour - 20 images: $300, 2 Hours - 40 images :$400
Commercial and Merchandising
5 images: $200, 10 images: $300, 20 images: $400
Editoral Images
Base rate: $400/image